Hi my name is Melanie and I am the creator of Melanie Christou Pilates. We work with men and women who want to get rid of back pain, be flexible, stand tall and be strong. I work with people who are in it for the long game and who understand that unless they make changes in the way they work and live they will be forever stuck in a painful, slouchy body. They are people who invest in their wellbeing and are committed to their own improvement.

What separates our approach from other Pilates businesses is that we take into account our clients’ lifestyles and how external forces are affecting their lives. Doing Pilates really well 1hr a week is all well and good but for long lasting results we help our clients find ways to incorporate good movement and practice in their everyday lives.

More importantly, whilst we take our work really seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously so our clients are guaranteed a challenging but fun class!

My story

I trained as a dancer but my dancing career was cut short by the discovery of multiple issues with my spine. On retiring from dance at the age of 23, my back pain got progressively worse. I decided to take up Pilates as a way to manage my pain. Finding how effective Pilates was I felt compelled to learn more about it and share the benefits of it with others. That’s what brought me to train as a Body Control Pilates teacher.

My aim is to help clients re-connect with their bodies and to encourage a healthier, more aligned moving body. With a background in movement education and with an interest in biomechanics, I enjoy teaching people from all backgrounds and levels of experience. I have a particular interest in working with people with low back pain.


Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat
Level 4 Low Back Pain
Level 3 Exercise Referral
Level 3 Pregnancy & Post natal Pilates
Comprehensive Studio: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel

Special interests: back pain, hypermobility


Maria Sousa

Maria has trained and works as a contemporary dancer. During her years of training she suffered from back pain and small injuries until she found the benefits of doing Pilates. As a dancer she has always been focused in the injury prevention and healthy lifestyle, which brought her interest into knowing more and become a Body Control Pilates teacher.

She believes a good body alignment, an understanding of breathing through movement and strong core stability are the key for posture improvements and healthy bodies. Her classes are highly focus on the technique and basics as well as flow movement. She likes to  challenge the clients and bring them to their best ability in a safe environment.

Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat
Level 3 Pregnancy & Post natal Pilates
Intermediate Mat

Lucy Tomlinson

Lucy first discovered Pilates at University where she quickly fell in love with the non competitive exercise that offers a challenge of precision, stamina and flowing movements whilst connecting mind and body. She believes that everyone should practise Pilates as part of a healthy lifestyle, whether that is to maintain an already active one or encourage low impact movement with the benefits of strength, mobility, stability, body awareness, recovery and injury prevention. 

She is especially passionate about good alignment and puts a focus on this in her classes, with the intention that clients leave walking taller, feeling stronger and more energised.

Level 3 Body Control Pilates Mat

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