Our students are busy people who want to manage back pain, feel flexible, stand tall and be strong.

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Here’s how we can help

Corporate Wellbeing

  • I am a HR professional, Company Director or Consultant looking for ways to energise my workforce with better posture, more strength and less stress
  • My Staff members face a lot of challenges with back and neck aches and I am looking at solutions to address that
  • We are looking for ways to reduce Staff sick-leave relating to back pain and other musculoskeletal issues
  • I am looking for an expert in back health and Pilates to work with us to create a tailor made solution be it face-to-face, or online.

Private Classes

  • I have been recommended by my physio/ osteopath/ chiropractor to do Pilates to manage my condition but I don’t think a group class is appropriate for me.
  • I need a tailored class to suit my needs. I need a specialised programme of exercises to do at home or in-between sessions.
  • I want to do group classes but I’ve never done it before and I don’t have the confidence to join a group class.

Pilates retreats

  • I want to immerse myself into my Pilates practice and not have to worry about anything else
  • I want to kick-start my healthy lifestyle with a Pilates and healthy eating holiday.
  • I am single/like travelling alone and I want to go on a Pilates holiday without feeling awkward or unsafe
  • I don’t like big group holidays but I would like to go on a Pilates retreat if it was small and relaxed.
What my clients say
“So I wanted to work with Melanie on a few issues that I was having, including poor strength around joints which (in combination with my hypermobility) caused frequent subluxations and dislocations. I had lost confidence in some of my joints and started to make adjustments to my lifestyle to avoid certain situations, like stairs, which is a big problem as I’m only 28! …

…I was a little bit nervous as I’d never done pilates before. I was worried I wouldn’t be fit / flexible enough to do many of the positions or that my hypermobility or weight would be a problem. This was all quickly put to rest after my first session. 🙂

It’s been great! Melanie is super patient with me and helps explain what my body should be doing and what I should be feeling…Melanie has also been fantastic and instrumental in my recovery after my recent injury! It’s great that she’s aligned my 1-2-1 sessions with my Physio exercises to ensure that I’m getting the most out of my sessions – this has really helped my recovery.

I feel as though Melanie genuinely cares about helping me reach my goals which is such an amazing support! I’ve also got a much better body awareness – a better understanding of how my body moves and how it should move! Also, I think I have better posture and I definitely feel stronger. “


Private and Group class client

“I’ve been practising Pilates for over 2 years with Melanie and have seen my own progression in strength, form and posture just from doing my once a week class with her. She always brings something new to the class and keeps it varied while still always blending in the foundational exercises, which is what I always enjoy and look forward to every Tuesday.”

Group Class client

“It was first just “try Pilates” since it was available so close to home, then became a weekly much cherished habit. For more than a year I’m attending Melanie’s classes and adore them. I learnt and still learning a lot about my body, overcame many discomforts, so happy to realise many muscles working properly. Melanie is a great tutor, very encouraging and very enthusiastic. I look forward to each class.”

Group Class client

“I fully recommend Melanie’s Pilates course. She’s a great teacher and tailors each class and movement to the individual. The small class size means you get loads of attention and she spends lots of time making sure you’re getting full benefit from the class. My back pain has improved no end since beginning Pilates class with Melanie.”

Group Class client

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